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Thursday, September 11, 2014

The United States of Murder Inc.

I was introduced to the world of graphic comic novels this afternoon through a small miracle. Two of them were left on the subway's waiting bench on the Bay Ridge platform. I imagined them left by nerd tweens with ADD. Hence, why they were left. But I also expected the comix to be ADD-oriented and, hence, ideal entertainment for moiself!

Movies are made from graphic comic novels and series. Entertainment franchises are built! Money is made. Big money, lots of money! Tons and tons of money! Where can I find a graphic artist collaborator? Hullo??!

The comix I "borrowed" from the public space were The United States of Murder Inc. (Icon Publishing)  and Annihilator (Legendary). I will discuss the former tonight. It's out of Portland, written and created by Michael Lendis (who appears to be a middle-aged fellow!) and artist Michael Avon Oeming. Far from short-attention-span-oriented, this shit is deep!

I came into this story, in this issue, en media res. It's a Mobster soap opera with lots of intrigue. I found it fascinating. Lendis has undoubted storytelling skills. Up to this point, his protagonist, Valentine Gallo who operates a Vegas casino (natch), has already sent a package to a senator, containing a mail bomb that goes off, killing said politico. Then, dont'tcha know, turns out Val's mom was a double-agent in the Mafia, actually working for the FBI! She takes Valentine out of her will. This ain't Peyton Place. Even The Sopranos wasn't this chock full of action and plot twists.

In this installment, Val meets a sexy mystery woman who seems to also be working as an agent for the Mob. The story is riveting! The artwork is fabulous! Can it ever get any better? I'll have to check now to see if Barnes & Noble sells this in their graphic comics novels section. This probably goes well with a double-caffeine latte from the B&N Starbucks counter. I wonder how long before the next episode is unleashed! Hurry! Hurry!!!

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