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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Video Beaverhausen: How to Get Away with Murder

You is complicated. You is brilliant. You is important. Tony Award winner, twice Oscar nominated (Doubt, The Help) actress Viola Davis brings her significant acting talent and dramatic presence to network television as she is the lead figure in the ABC-tv ensemble drama, How to Get Away with Murder.

It's a stylish and cleverly edited show in which Ms Davis portrays no-nonsense, though very three-dimensional, attorney Annalise Keeting. She occupies this part wonderfully. We say, give her the Best Actress Emmy now because no bitch is going to top this!

Not so much the expected Murder She Wrote-like weekly mystery as it is a courtroom drama/soap opera, the show offers many melodramatic plot threads that taunt and tantalize. The ending of tonight's premiere episode, particularly, titillated us to to want to see more. Tune in; this is quite a powerful hour-long trip (commercials included).

Viola is glam. Light years away from her usually brilliant but dowdy characterizations. Very tailored designer outfits and a sophisticated wig that rival Cher's in the movie Suspect, in which it was Cher who was a high-powered attorney.

Highly hyped, saturation advertisement, I expect the series will do well in the ratings. We'll soon see.

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