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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Video Beaverhausen: Where Love Has Gone

Where Love Has Gone (1964), based on the Harold Robbins novel (loosely based on the Lana Turner scandal), became a film camp classic almost instantly, though it was drubbed by critics of the time of its release. I recently purchased the dvd at Barnes & Noble and watched it this afternoon.

It's high-gloss in the style of Ross Hunter producing Douglas Sirk a'la the Lana-starring Imitation of Life, but WLHG was produced by Joseph E. Levine and directed (awkwardly) by Edward Dmytryk (who previously brought tacky back with Walk on the Wild Side and The Carpetbaggers).

On the set, Susan Hayward was so rude to Bette Davis, the two screen divas barely spoke. In the film, Bette plays Susan's overbearing mother with great panache.  It's obvious that body doubles are used as much as possible.

This is trashy high camp with lots of glam to glaze things over. Joey Heatherton's in it, so is Mike Connors and, in supporting parts, DeForrest Kelly (Star Trek) and eternal co-stars Whit Bissell, Anne Seymour and Jane Greer.

Please check this out, camp lovers especially. From the moment Jack Jones begins crooning the title song, you know this is wallower's heaven.

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