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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Part III of the Casey Kasem Saga

Time to embalm me, bitch!
"Casey's body is still rotting in Norway. It has not been buried or even embalmed," wrote TMZ on December 1st. The nasty, seemingly relentless, saga of getting Mr Kasem -- the beloved radio/television celebrity and host of the American Top 40 Countdown -- buried since his death in June has now reached a nearly six-month anniversary. This is either a tragedy or a travesty but there's no question it has reached epic proportions at this point in time.

Shortly before Thanksgiving, Kasem's widow, Jean, told the press that her deceased husband is rotting in Norway because of his daughter, Kerri, who has gone to court so she can give her father a proper and respectful burial in the USA as was his request.

Now TMZ reports:

The LAPD has submitted the Casey Kasem elder abuse investigation to the L.A. County D.A. and it targets Casey's widow Jean....

TMZ broke the story ... an investigation was launched after Casey's kids filed a police report claiming Jean caused Casey to get bed sores that became infected and contributed to his death.

The kids claim Jean was more interested in keeping their dad from them than protecting him, which is why they say she took Casey on a wild, multi-state car ride shortly before his death.

Jean is suspected of taking Casey's cadaver to Oslo for the purpose of thwarting legal efforts to have an autopsy done in the US. 

In my opinion, Jean's actions are extremely suspicious, not to mention disrespectful. If they don't embalm the body soon, there may be nothing left to bury when the time comes. My sympathy is with Casey's children as this tragic mess is dragged out through the holiday season. God bless Casey Kasem.

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