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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Cine Beaverhausen: The Imitation Game

So much for The Crying Game, though you may shed some tears before Britain's hot, Oscar-nominated (Best Pic, Actor, Actress and 5 more categories) The Imitation Game is concluded. I conclude the Brits love their serious game-playing.

This 2014 film is truly a stunner with a very stiff-upper-lip attitude, yet including generous doses of humanity that touch the heart.

Benedict Cumberbatch gives his best performance yet as decrypter, computer-forefather Alan Turing in this suspenseful biopic, as Britain fights the Nazis during wartime.

Turing was a gay man trapped in a then-repressive environment that led to his barbaric "treatment" with drugs that essentially castrated men. I have the hots for BC, so this seemed especially tragic to me, turning Cumberbatch into a cumberbitch!

Keira Knightly plays her part brilliantly and reminded me of the young Jessica Lange at moments, physically and dramatically.

This is one of the Oscar-nominated films I'll absolutely be rooting for next month.

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