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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Audio Beaverhausen: Kate Pierson, Guitars and Microphones

Kate Pierson of the B-52s lets down her beehive on her first solo album, Guitars and Microphones though, at the outset, she's already singing about hairspray. Songs are collaboratively written by Ms Pearson, Sia and others.

After the first track, "Throw Down the Roses," with its catchy chorus, we're further assured that this album won't disappoint with its poppy numbers in the punk-rock/dance, '60s-influenced, but '80s style of the B-52s, with the album's first single, "Mister Sister," an anthem for her trans fans. Kate's distinctive voice is assured, strong and a comfort to listen to throughout.

Ballads like "Crush Me with Your Love" are fresh and uplifting, with a psychedelic folky touch you might choose to cut a rug to with a mean, spontaneous frug. Think Kate au-go-go! And the effervescent "Bottoms Up" is very Bye, Bye Byrdie, by the by.

Animal rights themes are explored in songs "Bring Your Arms" (sea turtles) and "Wolves" (wolves). Fear not. Neither tune gets overly preachy and the pop, retro punk music lifts us up on a giddy wave while delivering a serious message..

The ten tracks on this cd are consistently strong and almost magical in their individual appeal, right down to the mournful final ballad, "Pulls You Under."

Available at Kate Pierson will perform solo, promoting Guitars and Microphones, at City Winery in NYC on February 25 and will be touring with the B-52s (Irving Plaza in New York on May 25). Thanks to her promotional people at Lazy Meadow Music, Kate's indy label, for sending me the album to review. New Yorkers can also purchase the cd at Rebel Rebel on Bleecker St. between Grove and Christopher in the West Village. Very highly recommended.

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