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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Ronnie Spector Redux

When it comes to survival tales in the entertainment industry, Ronnie Spector is surely an outstanding example.The ex-Ronette and ex-wife of Phil Spector has been to hell and back, especially regarding the vindictive bullying by Phil, even from his jail cell to this very day. The problem with breaking up with obsessive-compulsives, I tell you.

Lesley Gore's recent passing reminds us how few of the girl-group artists of the '60s are alive, well and actively performing today. I saw Ms Spector's annual Christmas show, back at BB King NYC, just two months ago. She is ageless, her voice still as girlish and vibrant as it was more than 50 years ago.

The recent issue of the Uk's Mojo magazine has an exclusive interview with Madonna inside and her picture on its semi-gloss cover. However, up in the upper right corner of the cover is the blurb: "RONNIE SPECTOR HAUNTED BY PHIL." I was hooked and had to have it.

The interview by David Mignis probably has no big revelations for Ronnie fans, focusing on her relationship with Phil. Everything she discusses, she's discussed before in other interviews, in her autobiography Be My Baby and in her multi-media stage show, "Beyond the Beehive," which I saw twice in New York at City Winery.

Perhaps the most revealing thing in Mr Mignis' well-written article is how, after Ronnie received her first check after recording with the Ronettes, the girl from the ghetto went out and splurged on a mink pants suit.

Mojo's artwork and layout for this article, with a related side column by Andrew Mali highlighting some of Ms Spector's iconic singles, is top-notch magazine eye candy.

I recommend this article to Ronnie fans on both sides of the Pond. You may want to add this to your collection. You'll learn little new but we never get tired of hearing this tale. Do we?

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