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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Cine Beaverhausen: Seventh Son with Julianne Moore

Seventh Son is based on a series of fantasy books of the Lord of the Rings ilk. A costume epic that sports stilted dialogue on the order of "You know nothing of dragons!" Yet, the fire-breathing question in my mind is: What the heck is Julianne Moore doing in this picture? I presume there was no suitable part for her in the recent Hot Tub Time Machine 2? Alas, she is joined by her Big Lebowski co-star Jeff Bridges in this mediocre Middle Ages muddle.

Released this past Friday in the US, Seventh Son poses a risk for Ms Moore alone, however, as she is nominated for a Best Actress Oscar this month. Will Academy voters hold her slumming through this film, as formidable witch Mother Malkin, against her and her brilliant portrayal in Still Julia?

Seventh Son is a murky mess of an adventure film with cheesy special effects, intentionally dumped on the market by Universal at a time they anticipated nobody would notice. And, gauging the box-office receipts, they seem to be correct in that presumption.

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