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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Diva Adoration on Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's Day and I am spending it with my divas. On my turntables, of course. Lots of love in the music today.

I've loved Mary J. Blige's dacefloor stuff since "Give Me You" and the remixes of "No More Drama." Her latest single, "Right Now," is a well-written deep house/ r&b number that has an extended mix perfect for early or late in a set. For peak hour, there's the smokin' hiNRG of Basement Jaxx's re-work. And, of course, there's still big drama in her life, according to the lyrics.

Sia's "Chandelier" swings! Talk about drama! This diva has delivered a major anthem. Club remix by Dustin Que transports the song nicely with the sound of breaking glass accenting it. Liam Keegan's remix is full HiNRG elegance and Hector Fonseca delivers the big-room version expertly. Go, girl, on that chandelier as self-destructively as Caroll Baker in The Carpetbaggers!

Aretha's smash hit Divas Classics album has rendered further remixes for the disco floor since her hit "Rolling in the Deep" successes. Eric Kupper's re-do of "I'm Every Woman/ Respect" is guaranteed to get you off your ass and on your dancing feet. Amazing medley, really! Terry Hunter's club mix of Aretha's "I Will Survive" is also fabulous. And can you beat Aretha when it come to powerhouse diva vocals? I think not.

I love The Ting Tings and Katy White's voice. The UK pop band's latest single, "Wrong Club," as remixed by Tom Stephen, is a rouser sure to bring you to the floor.

Aristo Freeks bring Kathy Sledge of  Sister Sledge back with "Keep It Movin." Just wonderful, especially the mixes of this divine and legendary voice with major mixers like Ranny, Razor n Guido, and, again, Eric Kupper.

Got an exclusive listen to Giorgio Moroder's new "Right Here, Right Now" with Kylie Minogue. FABULOUS! People, Buddy B thinks this is going to be HUGE; a top twirler!  Get ready for it, and welcome back, Giorgio!

The biggies at the moment, however, are Kristine W's cover of the dance classic "Love Come Home," firstly. Ms W is a long-time dance-diva fave whom I've loved from afar, and she makes the most of this soulful classic. Of the club remixes, Barry Harris' Tribal Anthem mix is brilliant as is Manny Lehman's vocal mix. Perfect for your next Pity Party.

The new single Madonna brilliantly performed at the GRAMMYs has hit the dance clubs with a great mix on hand by Mike Rizzo. I predict "Livin' for Love" is going to be anthem of the year -- at least through Gay Pride.

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