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Monday, February 2, 2015

January Poll Results

They weren't the GRAMMYs, they were the BUDDYs!  You got to Vote for Best Album of 2014 (from a list hand selected by moi, of course)! And it was, naturally, skewered totally in favor of the pop divas of the day.

Bette Midler's For the Girls garnered the most votes, with Cheek to Cheek (Tony Bennett/ Lady Gaga) cheekily right behind it. Barbra Streisand's Partners (which I disliked and gave a negative review to on this blog) was in third place.

Then, a tie between Aretha's Diva Classics album and Candi Staton's Life Happens! Susan Boyle's Hope and Kristen Chenoweth's Coming Home each received one vote. Which is better than Chrissie Hynde's solo album, Stockholm, did, though I happened to like it!

Thanks to everyone who participated! New poll coming for February. You've been warned.

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