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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Armani vs. Madonna

If Madonna had intended to outdo previous award ceremony wardrobe malfunctions, she couldn't have done a better job than tripping down the steps onstage at the BRIT Awards last week. It was quite a colossal fall, landing on her derriere with her head also hitting the floor.

Now it may have occurred to some -- though obviously not the 56-year-old pop diva ironically singing a song entitled "I'm Going to Carry On"-- that climbing stairs while wearing stiletto pumps and a floor-length cape might not be a wise idea. But, carry on she did, rather well, after that debacle during which the cape did not unhook when it was yanked off by one of her male dancers as it was supposed to do, and the star was yanked backwards down the staircase. Guess who I foresee getting kicked off the upcoming tour!

So, Madonna will do her Rebel Heart Tour sans cape. "No more capes. Cape fear is over," Madonna declared. Luckily, though she sustained several bruises (most of all to her ego), there were no injuries to her head. (How could there be, really, with all that hairspray?)

Publicly, Madonna was not mad at her dancer, she was mad at the cloak! On Instagram, she claimed: “Armani hooked me up! My beautiful cape was tied too tight!  But nothing can stop me and love really lifted me up!" After beating her down as it were.

Well, Mr Armani was just not having all this when it came to his fabulous fashion accessory! Today, he told the press in the UK:  ’Madonna can be very difficult."

Really? You don't say. A representative for Madonna told New York Post's Page Six simply, "Shit happens. Madonna loves Armani." Ain't that sweet?

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