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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Audio Beaverhausen: Madonna's Rebel Heart

I bought the deluxe edition (five extra tracks) but it only extended the agony of the Rebel Heart experience. While I enjoyed MDNA and Confessions on a Dancefloor recentlyI thought the latest album (released today) was the epitome of -- to borrow a term from Richard Skipper -- "the celebration of mediocrity" in our current culture.

Actually, to call this effort mediocre is a compliment! I know fans may flame me and several critics have confoundedly taken Rebel Heart seriously, but sorry, this cd made my eardrums hurt. I doubt very much that the download would offer different results.

Madge is recycling on this album: about NYC, about L.A., an intro from Vogue, S&M (a major theme), rap, guitar-driven (and freaking boring) ballads, and foul language spewed gratuitously throughout like a trail of little poops. Often meaning to shock and be controversial, her words come across yawn-inducing instead. Haven't we been there with her before? I truly think we have.

Her first single from Rebel Heart, "Living for Love," kicks off the album in high style. Unfortunately, afterwards, everything turns to dross. A droning, desperate attempt to stay relevant, edgy, punk, young and youthful, and guess what? She pulls off none of that. Major failure, though I expect it will sell well due to the money backing its promotion. Herein, however, the empress has no clothes. Literally and, at times, figuratively on its cd liner notes images. Bedtime Stories? This sure was one big snooze all right.


  1. High time to retire i guess.. Always liked her but it is getting pathetic.. I don't like the sexy without class look. She is a beautiful woman and looks fantastic. She does not need that.. At a certain age you got to snap out of it and move over. She is not a great singer like Tina or Cher. But that is my opinion! Great blog lord Beaverhausen! ;-)

  2. Ewww. Not sure if it is her own poor instincts, or those of her advisors. Whatever the case, unfortunate. She could well evolve, and remain relevant, or return to relevancy, given the right advice.

  3. Again, you need a paid reviewing gig. Such a way with words! As for Madonna, she should confound everyone and put out an album of standards.