Sunday, March 15, 2015

On the Town with Buddy Beaverhausen at the Beaux Arts Bash

You get to the Beaux Arts Society via the staircase at Solas restaurant, which was a quantum of Solas, it turned out, on a cold day with a nasty wind chill factor and gusty breezes. I only realized how to get there, speakeasy-style, when my friend, Kathy Towsen, arrived and brought me in from the cold on the Ides of March, darlings.

It was so nice to be introduced to Tom Stevens, the founder of BAS. He is a gentleman, and he regaled us by talking about and singing songs from the half-forgotten musical, La Guardia.

My friends Andrew Martin and Ronnie Giles were on hand. Andrew is quite the raconteur and delighted us all by singing "Im So Glad We Had This Time Together" from The Carol Burnett Show. Ron dutifully played the backing music (on discs and tapes) and sang later in the evening (see below).

As you can also see below, the Union Square area of the East Village (just up the block from Solas) has changed some.

The woman in the white jacket, seated behind Ron, is Lillian Walker of The Exciters. She sang "Tell Him" shortly after I scoffed down a little free food (meatballs, pudding, salad, Kathy's kebob)  and left, damn it! Ron then sang the same song (from his act), Kathy told me. The woman seated to the far left of that photo is Marakay Rogers of Broadway World.



  1. That's Lillian Walker of The Exciters. (I'm Marakay Rogers of Broadway World, just visible in the left of one of the photos.)

  2. Hope you liked the meatballs, by the way. They're one of my favorite recipes.

  3. Marakay, thanks so much. I updated the post with your new info & hope to see you there once more.

  4. As always, I had a fun time with some truly wonderful friends and fellow Artists!