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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Manilow Married

Was Mandy a man's name?

It was announced this week that Barry Manilow married. A whole year ago in a closet ceremony.

Mr Manilow's husband is his longtime manager and longtime partner, Barry Kief. Publicly, Barry Manilow is the new Liberace, tickling the keys and putting out hit music, though -- of course -- Lib never wrote pop tunes that got the kind of airplay and Billboard attention Manilow got.

It was made public a couple of days ago that Manilow married last year in a very private ceremony with relatively few guests and absolutely no fanfare.

How did this escape the press? Or were they not too hepped-up about the affair? This was Manilow's coming out party in a big way, after all!

Barry Manilow's career took off when he was accompanist/ arranger for Bette Midler at the Continental Baths. The two are friends today, though it was not always so after their bathhouse days. Mr M went on to have his own hits, on the radio and the charts internationally. Those hits include "Can't Smile," "Copacabana" and many more.

Manilow was born in the Williamsbugh section of Brooklyn but currently resides in Los Angeles He was previously married (and divorced) from a woman. He is a major influence over pop music and we are thankful to him today for his contributions to the canon of the great American songbook!

Wedding congratulations, the Divine Mr M from Buddy B!

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