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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Night of a Thousand Gowns 2015

Buddy Beaverhausen attended Night of a Thousand Gowns for the first time last night. The annual event, now in its 29th year, is a very formal affair that's black tie and fabulous frocks. Why, it puts the ball in Disney's Cinderella to shame! I was comped in as press to the pricey event, the only way I could afford to go. I arrived in a tie, sweater and black slacks and was seated in a nosebleed section for us press and bloggers. Paying for a ticket on top of whipping up an outfit could be like putting the money together for a downpayment on a condo.

All for a good cause though as the event is a benefit for New York City's LGBT Center and the Gay and Lesbian Task Force.

I arose from the plebian subway and entered the glamor and grandiosity of the Marriott Hotel in Times Square! It was here that the cross-dressing Imperial Court of New York strutted its stuff. But, oh, what a soulful strut!

Jody Watley has lost none of her star power. She was one of the evening's entertainers and she elecrified. Another standout was '90s diva Rockell.

The evening added more star power with the year's co-chairs Dionne Warwick and transgender superstar Candis Cayne. Deborah Harry was on hand as was reality-tv darling, Big Ang among other luminaries.

Johnny Dynell did a fabulous job dj-ing the evening as well.

It was pointless to try to get any pictures from my vantage point last evening. But if it's names, names, names or regal outfits you crave, you can't do better than Night of a Thousand Gowns. Because elegance has a place in our lives and it's good to be reminded of that. Such is Buddy B's philosophy.

I slunk out near the end, into the late night, feeling like I arrived like Cinderella  at the ball in her glad rags after the clock struck 12.  I got into my coach (the subway) back to Brooklyn and sat at my computer, on the Internet, too jazzed up for sleep. When I finally went to bed, my mind raced with thoughts of how even more fabulous the Imperial Court's 30th Anniversary could be. And about renting a tux. And paying my own way. And enjoying it all to the fullest. Because, of all things, Night of a Thousand Gowns is an affirmation of life in the material world.