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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Notes on Bruce Jenner's Interview with Diane Sawyer

Bruce Jenner's Q&A with Diane Sawyer last night was a blockbuster! And certainly one of the most buzzed about tv events of recent weeks.

Buddy Beaverhausen was thrilled to find Ms Sawyer at the top of her game as a journalist and interviewer, and was very moved as Jenner described his thoughts and feelings about transitioning genders at age 65.

Frankly, back in the '70s, I thought the 6'2" Olympics champion was a hottie! I loved seeing him in Can't Stop the Music with the Village People and Valerie Perrine. (The film is one of my guilty pleasures. Little did I know Bruce's guilty pleasure was squeezing into women's clothing!)

As for Ms Sawyer, she's the epitome of flawlessness in my eyes. I met her once, with her late husband, Mike Nichols. They were a row directly behind my friend and me at La Mama theater in the East Village. They came to watch UK's fabulously funny drag ensemble, Bloolips, perform. At intermission, I was able to say a brief hello and tell them how I admired them both. I thought they were very warm and gracious.

Jenner's answers were extremely moving, I found. And exceptionally candid. They certainly cleared up cynical misconceptions I've heard expressed for the most part.

Like mine, Ms Sawyer's mouth dropped when Jenner said he was a right-wing religious Republican. He said his mission was to change hearts and minds within that party. Buddy Beaverhausen wishes him the best of luck on that score.

Also surprising is that he still hopes to have intimate relationships with women as well as to hear him talk about his ex-wife who secretly supported him and his cross-dressing. I was then amused to hear how Kim Kardashian (his stepdaughter!) explained how important "looking good" is to a woman. Translating from Kardashian, that means slathering on make-up, big hair, high heels (for men's size-13 feet) and slutty outfits. Can't wait! Chaz Bono has also been a supportive confidante.

Seriously, however, Buddy Beaverhausen supports Bruce Jenner and all LGBT people in being honest about their identities and their quests for complete self-actualization. Odd how high-profile transgendered men-to-women often step out from macho roles; not only Jenner but also ground-breakers like Christine Jorgensen and Renee Richards. The documentary, Paris Is Burning, showed us all how every one of us in this life is "in drag" in a sense.

Jenner got a lot of celeb support over Twitter -- from Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Cheyenne Jackson, Rob Lowe, Liza, Ellen and so many others! Wishing Bruce Jenner the best! Stay brave, stay strong! You've taken that road less traveled by with miles to go before you sleep.


  1. Jenner's coach was on CNN this morning and he said it's not unusual for great athletes to "overcompensate" on the field for something painful they are trying to keep hidden.