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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Returning to Grey Gardens with The Original Marble Faun

What a perfect evening! It doesn't get better than this, folks! As you know (if you read my Excusive Q&A with Peaches Christ, which I assume you have), Return to Grey Gardens made its way to New York City after premiering in San Francisco at the Castro theater.

At the end of the NYC show, Jinkx Monsoon thanked the packed house. "Wow!" she exclaimed. "A standing ovation in New York City! I mean, it's cool and all to get one in San Francisco! But in New York?! I'm blown away!"

Jinkx, NYC was blown away by the end of your incredible show! It was a totally packed house and it says something about audience demographics when there's a very long line for the men's room but none for ladies.

Return to Grey Gardens' gay audience ate up every minute of this spoof. That included Jerry Torre and his significant other, Ted O'Ryan Sheppard. I never heard Jerry so gleeful, laughing at most of the humor in the show We went backstage after and, as you can see above, Jerry and Ted got to meet Peaches, Jinkx and you also see a piece of New York's Bob the Drag Queen who made a certain, fierce ex-First Lady. Also, in the foreground are the wonderful dancers who portrayed the cats and raccoons.

Jerry got to meet the show's Jerry character, Tom, played with much swagger by Tom Dekker whom Jerry laughed loudest at.

I got to meet Mink Stole, in the show as herself. And she got to sing! You haven't lived until you've heard Ms Stole sing "Bang Bang" in French! It was a thrill to get to meet this great John Waters icon in the flesh, especially as we did a Q&A in December (scroll for it on my blog). Also look at my Buddy Beaverhausen Facebook page as people will be sharing more images!

Peaches' portrayal as Big Queenie is a masterwork of comic timing. Jinkx' Little Queenie is a spot-on perfect portrayal of you-know-whom. The lip-synching (starting, startlingly, with Aerosmith's "Dream On" that thrilled us) and precision choreography were a delight.  It is no wonder Monsoon was a star on RuPaul's Drag Race! Rory, one of the dancers who portrayed the Maysles brothers, was responsible for the dance moves, Peaches told me. Jinkx even did a split!

Shows like Return to Grey Gardens bring out the crowds and bring the joy back to NYC nightlife. Hopefully, its overwhelming success could bring a return to Return to. I can dream on, can't I?

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