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Friday, May 29, 2015

Apple of My Eye

I'm in love! With Mac. Yes, a sparkling silver 2015 MacBook Pro is now mine. All 19 inches!

Why, it's so sexy! It even spoke to me in a baritone at the outset. The prompt sounded just like the recorded male voice that makes announcements on the subway. But maybe it's just the way voice-over guys are taught to enunciate.

We're carrying on a mad affair now since I ditched my ex. My ex and I had been together since 2008. The strong silent type. But, sadly, it developed Alzheimer's and little by little lost all its faculties.

I bought that first computer at TekServ back in '08. They gave very personalized service. They are located in Chelsea. I love the Apple glass house in NYC's Meatpacking District but the also-chic shop on Prince Street is located very near to my R train direct to my street in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. So that's where I bought baby and brought it home.

I'd been dragging my feet on buying this necessary item as I have this blog (started in 2009) to keep up. But now Mac is here with me and life is sheer bliss again.

When I bought my new Mac yesterday, I had just tested for a little temp work in midtown. I cabbed it to Prince, thinking that would save time but midtown traffic was gridlocked until we passed 34th Street. Therefore, I thought it was wise to take the subway home at 4 pm. Wrong. A rail problem delayed me so badly that a normally 45-minute to one-hour trip turned into a 2 and one-half-hour subway saga.

Nonetheless, Mac and I made it safe and home alone together. Since 2008, Apple has certainly made loading a lot easier; less muss and fuss. I was up and running in no time.

Customer service at Apple SoHo was top-notch. Thanks to my young, good-looking sales rep! Who knew buying a computer could be such an all-around sexy experience?

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