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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Travels with Beaverhausen: Where Love Had Gone This Weekend

A weekend getaway was just the necessary tonic after a frightful winter and from the daily grind. Even the MetroNorth train ride was relaxing! Looked out my window at all the bodies of water we passed: marinas, lakes, rivers. A beautiful and cloudless day, in the upper 80s, nothing could be more perfect for my visit. Except for my friends themselves, the heart and soul of my mini-vacation.

The train was only half-full, oddly but nice. Chalk it up to time of day or the fact that last weekend was the busy three-day holiday one or that college season's over for many? It was nice to spread out across empty seats for a change. Also nice view of the college boys aboard.

Tracey and Merv were so fabulous to be with. We enjoyed hours on their screened-in patio together, just talking and, occasionally, each of us giving some time to our individual notepads. Ah, modern life! Belated birthday gifts were exchanged. 

Later, Tracey made a fresh salsa and a dinner of pulled pork (made in a crock pot) on a roll with awesome bbq sauce plus large salad! Mmmmm-mmmmm good! Thanks to my second-cousin, Jessie Watson (Tracey's daughter), for that recipe. Tracey promises to pass it on though. The meal and condiments could be served through the window from kitchen to patio. Talk about stylin'!

Later, after dawn, we settled down on the couches in front of the big-screen tv in their living room to watch two Bette Davis movies from the Sixties -- early to late. We first watched Where Love Has Gone (Bette, Susan Hayward, Joey Heatherton
and The Anniversary (Bette at Hammer Studios UK). My hosts loved them both. Tray remarked on how, today, Anniversary still seems very cutting-edge black comedy. Our favorite line was La Davis to the actress playing her youngest son's fiancee, who was invited to sit next to her: "Now, could you sit over there? Body odor offends me."

I return to NYC today fully recharged with added vigor, ready to begin again, and happy to have shared the love and joy with very special friends. It's a cooler day threatening heavy rain later, but I came prepared with my new hooded rain-repellant parka.

We can't wait for my weekend hosts to come back to visit us in Bay Ridge!

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