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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Cinco de Mayo with Julie Budd

What a fabulous soiree yesterday at the Metropolitan Room! The glitterati all turned out. Why, I even met a daytime soap opera star!

It was Cinco de Mayo, which, let me just inform you, has nothing to do with mayonaise, though I believe there was mayo at the buffet. Cinco de Mayo is Spanish for the fifth of May, which celebrates the Mexican festival, Day of the Dead.

But we were together to celebrate life! And, more specifically, to honor Julie Budd on her upcoming residency at the club. Metropolitan Room is one of my favorite venues in the city with its intimate yet swank, vaguely art-deco design. I saw and met Pia Zadora there and numerous other luminaries. Bob Esty was Pia's musical director and I met him in person at the club for the first time. I have so many happy memories there.

And they would have to include yesterday's meet and greet. It was wonderful meeting Ms Budd at last. Unfortunately, I left in such a rush, I left my cell phone at home. So, sadly no photos of us.

Friends Andrew Martin and Tym Moss and event promoter Richard Skipper were there. I met the club owner, Bernie Furshpan. It was a terrific, sophisticated and beautifully done event. There was finger food and flutes of wine and everything had a very easy and welcoming feel to it.

Julie took to the stage with a guitarist. She wore a simple but elegant black dress. She sang a very poignant rendition of "Moon River." She was the epitome of class and restrained, understated talent.

This event was made possible by Richard Skipper Celebrates in honor of her residency at the Metropolitan Room. Tickets for her opening show May 14th almost sold out. For tickets, contact Richard at 845-365-0720 or at

Thank you, Richard, thank you Bernie and, most of all, thank you Julie!

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