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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Legacy of Lesley Gore at 54 Below

What a wonderful night it was indeed as 54 Celebrates Lesley Gore rocked the packed house at the swank, underground nightclub, 54 Below. The show not only highlighted Ms Gore's hits as well as her lesser known numbers, but it did it all in grand style. My friend, singer Ron Giles, was my guest and he was at times, moved to tears. At one point, he danced in the aisle -- and who but Sarah Dash of LaBelle got up to dance with him, lucky guy.

The line-up of talent for this event was amazing! The Marvelettes, Sarah, Lorraine Ferro, Molly Pope, Maxine Linehan, Jill Abramovitz, Lorinda Kisitza, Gabrielle Stravelli. It was a pleasure to meet some of these ladies after the show.

Tracy Stark's musical direction was assured throughout. The show opened with the upbeat but little-heard "Mama I'm a Rocker," with Lorinda on vocals followed by the pop hit "Maybe I Know," sung by Gabrielle. The crowd immediately caught Lesley Gore Fever!

This was a show where, frankly, every interpretation was a highlight, really. But I must single out The Marvelettes, whose original vocalist, Denise, was quite the raconteur. What a voice this lady possesses! And her fellow vocalists are far from slouches as they covered "Look of Love" and belted out the final song, "It's My Party."

News of the night was distinctly Tracy Stark's announcement that she has a forthcoming album of her own featuring varied vocalists -- including Lesley Gore.

It was wonderful to hear faves like "Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows," the "Run, Bobby, Run/Off and Running" medley, "She's a Fool," Judy's Turn to Cry," the Oscar-nominated "Out Here on My Own" (written by Lesley with her brother Michael for the movie Fame)

Kudos to all. And that includes the staff at 54, prompt, polite and attentive service as always. This show was a treasure and an event I will remember and cherish a lifetime.


  1. Good morning Charles, and I can't thank you enough for having me as your Guest last night at this beautiful tribute to Lesley Gore. Tracy Stark-and all of the other Entertainers as well-were at the top of their game. May God bless all of them, and most especially may God bless Lesley Gore forever!