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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Cine Beaverhausen: 5 Flights Up with Morgan Freeman & Diane Keaton

5 Flights Up reminds me of the kind of films Warner Bros. used to do, mostly in the 1930s and '40s. That is, a star vehicle with a social consciousness. This theatrical film opened last Friday.

Cynthia Nixon has a co-starring role as Keaton's niece and real estate agent in this drama about a mature couple who live in Brooklyn and are moving after 40 years, largely because it's a walk-up and five flights have become difficult to manage and the neighborhood has become gentrified.

Unfortunately, the efforts to sell the apartment are painstakingly detailed and there are unnecessary complications about the Brooklyn Bridge and the family dog that come off as trite. If you find real estate brokering absolutely fascinating, however, by all means this is the film for you.

The acting is uniformly excellent. The people who portray the young Freeman and Keaton bear remarkable resemblances to the stars. But it's slow-going and absolutely would be of no interest, likely, to the youth market.

Worthwhile when it comes out on dvd and for download. It might have been better served had it been released as a tv-movie on cable. Audience reviews (and attendance) were tepid.

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