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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Marcus Simeone's Alone with Tracy Stark

I received a promo cd through a friend this week. The first things I noticed were that the artist, Marcus Simeone, has movie-star good looks and that Tracy Stark is on his album. Not necessarily in that order but... all right, yeah, maybe! I just completed a Q&A with Ms Stark, and have met her at the cabarets, most notably at the Lesley Gore salute at 54 Below.

Mr Simeone's tenor voice is refreshingly appealing, starting with Ms Stark's lovely arrangement of Rogers and Hart's "Where or When" that introduces the album, Alone. (It is later briefly reprised.) Other classics like Rogers & Hammerstein's "I Have Dreamed" are also covered outstandingly, the latter a lovely duet with Ms Stark.

More contemporary material is scattered throughout, lending a beautiful balance to this effort. "If You're Right" is an instant classic. Janis Ian's lighthearted and pithy "Married in London" has a very "out" message about equality, preceding Ms Ian's touching "When Angels Cry."

Billie Hoiday's "Strange Fruit" is covered in an unfortunately still-relevant political flourish. Melissa Manchester's "Better Days" shines.

"The Twelfth of Never" and "Misty" wrap up this fine album. The Johnny Mathis influence on Simeone's style is unmistakeable.

New Yorkers: Simeone will appear at the Metropolitan Room with Ms Stark for four dates starting in September.


  1. I did not like him when I saw his show in NYC and when I heard him sing , I was disappointed. He reminded me of a weird-o and marginalized nobody trying to convince the patrons he was this BIG thing and a diva of sorts. I heard after that "He" is actually transgender and was born a woman and is Jewish from Long Island. His birth name is: Marge Simeone and he has supposedly been living as a man for years now....and a real ugly one ! His voice is female, but very high-pitched and not soothing at all to me. With Bruce Jenner now front and center, I guess these trouble transgendered souls need a voice, too. In essence, he is a man with a vagina ! Nobody knows for sure,.....but it is still very creepy to me. That is my opinion, and I am not judging....just saying ! Hey, to each his own.

  2. It is so sad that it has come to this ! Mark is a deeply disturbed and delusional person and a poor excuse for a man ! He has no family left and is not wanted around here.....ever ! He alienates everyone he knows....and can only really get along with his 10 cats ! As a performer, he is mediocre at best. and possesses nothing special or alluring. A 60 year old queer that is still desperately trying to "make it" and that ship sailed away in the 80's....and he is still trying to catch it....LOL ! Still in all, I wish him a measure of peace with Jesus,...if that will ever be possible ? However, now with mom and dad gone, we are just happy to have him out of our lives and sight....for good !

  3. These comments are bull and sound like jealous rivals or disgruntled family members...very petty and vicious! Marcus has an amazing voice and personality and plays to a packed house in many famous Manhattan nightspots. He has stood the test of time and anyone that sees and hears him perform loves him....very professional !