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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Exclusive Q&A with Carly Ozard about Midler on the Roof

Saw Carly's show in October at the Triad. Look forward, eagerly, to her show June 24 at Metropolitan Room. @ 7 PM  
Reservations highly recommended.
Box Office: 212-206-0440 
For press reservations, interview requests, or more information, contact Richard Skipper Celebrates at or 845-365-0720

Also, Love Don't Need A Reason: At 54 Below July 1st 2015
Cover charge: $25 – $35
Premiums: $60
Food & Beverage Minimum $25
Wed, Jul 1 9:30 pm Doors 8:45pm Use Code Ozard5 TICKETS & INFORMATION:
(646) 476-3551
254 W 54th St, Cellar, New York, NY 10019

Here's my review of her Triad show:

Buddy Beaverhausen: I loved your act, Midler on the Roof, when I saw it at the Triad in Manhattan last October. Now you are back in NYC to perform it again at the Metropolitan Room. How has it evolved or changed?
Carly Ozard: Well, there's a song that I performed in San Francisco I loved that Bette did and it's called "I Know This Town," a country song, We've added it to this show. It's from the album Bette of Roses.

BB: Your show is just a few days before LGBT Pride Day in NYC. Coincidence?
CO: Not. Bette is performing at Madison Square Garden the next day and Pride is the following Sunday, so I felt it was the perfect time to bring this to NYC.

BB: Anything from the new girl-group album in your show?
CO: No. Unfortunately not.

BB: Any plans for Pride Day in NYC while you're in town?
CO: I'm meeting my friend from San Francisco, Roma. Don't know where yet. NYC's so big, don't know where we'll be.

BB: For the uninitiated, can you explain your obsession with Bette?
CO: Well, when I was going to school and going through a hard time then, her music gave me hope.
BB: She validated your dreams.
CO: Yeah I knew that somewhere in the world there was someone who'd understand me.

BB: Can you tell us about Love Don't Need a Reason, the show you're presenting with Richard Skipper on July 1st?
CO: In San Francisco, I did so many benefit concerts but this is so special to me. I looked so hard to find an appropriate venue in Manhattan and it was so hard. Finally, I discovered The Cellar (254 W 54th, Cellar, NYC 10019 | Tickets / Info: (646) 476-3551).

BB: You're bi-coastal. How do your audiences differ?
CO: Oh, my God! San Francisco is smaller and easer to get around, In NY, it's harder getting around. Transportation is a nightmare. And the taxis! You can never get anywhere! I am so stressed all the time. Back in SF, it's all like one big community. In NYC, it's so dispersed. And here, some people don't get my humor.
BB: You were so well received at Triad.
CO: So many people talked to me after the show to say I was just mean. But I'm so happy to hear people who say they got my act, Living here, it's like everything is so hard; it's overwhelming. The work is good here but the service, getting around and all is just so difficult. I get lost in Grand Central. Here, you're not as supported by the clubs as you'd be in Feinstein's or the Razz Room! But, I have a lot of people here who support and respect my work.

BB: What's your favorite thing about doing a show and your least favorite?
CO: Favorite is knowing I'm making someone's day and, maybe, influencing how he/she thinks or feels. Least fave: how much freaking money it takes to put on a show.

BB: Your band, your back-up singers, other talent behind your show?
CO: Incredible people. A best friend of mine will join my back-ups. My band is fantastic; no attitude. Directed by Broadway and cabaret comedian Kristine Zbornik, Steven Ray Watkins as music director.

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