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Saturday, June 20, 2015

On My Turntables for LGBT Pride 2015

It's Pride Month with NYC's Pride Day coming up a week from Sunday. Here are the latest promo remixes to come across my desk:

Ricky Martin's back, but with Pitbull. I think I could do without the rapper but I think that's the market the song is geared toward. I have to say this is a huge disappointment after 2011's "Freak of Nature (Mas)." In fact, I found this whole thing a cacophony and very annoying.

Carlos Gallardo's remix does rise above the deep-house murkiness of most of the efforts I listened to; something more on the hi-nrg side. I don't think most gay dance-music fans will embrace this mess, though.

Britney Spears and Iggy Izalea's "Pretty Girls" is another hot mess and remixers can only do so much for it. I actually cringed. No re-working can make these pretty girls perky. Pity since Britney has been a roll lately. This song was like listening to a car crash.

Ralphi Rosario's "Forever" is more to my taste out of this bum --not bumper -- crop of club music. His original mix is definitely geared toward big-rooms, and femme vocalist Frankie's voice soars in true diva fashion. Those vocals are upfront in the Majik Boys mix before it crescendos into a well-done nu-NRG mix. Best for money, however, is the upbeat Twisted Dee remix bound to motivate you to join the dance floor and move your money-maker.

Holly Johnson, of Frankie Goes to Hollywood, returns in top voice with remixes from the UK album. Europa. Phil Harding gives the beautiful "In and Out of Love" a classic, hands-in-the air flare that is perfect for Pride, as is Richard Cutmore's remix of Holly's "Heaven's Eyes."

See you at the march and at the clubs!

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