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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Travels with Beaverhausen: Let the Packing Begin for My Florida Vacation!

I'm leaving on a jet plane... tomorrow early afternoon. So let the packing begin!

Visiting my family in Florida, staying with my oldest cousin, Walter (two years younger than I and as close to me as a second brother; our mothers were sisters), and his wife, Sue. Can't wait to see the whole gang again! (You know who you all are.) I'll even be seeing my best friend from high school, Michael Stein, whom I haven't seen since 1969, when we traveled from Frisco to Mexico right after graduating high school. Ah, the Summer of Love! Also hope to visit my stepdad at the assisted living home in which he now lives. Very excited.

Cape Coral is absolutely gorgeous. I look forward to fun in the sun and whatever events are planned/ arranged over the week. I hope to have a beach day, of course, but Walt & Sue have a beautiful, extensive lanai with pool (where I'll keep up my blog).

I return to NYC late in the day on June 11.

My round trip from LaGuardia (Brooklyn) to FLA and back cost only $330. Not bad, I think. I had my laundry done today and arranged car service to the airport, so I'm basically set. Why, I even spent a lot of time at the Apple store to make certain I can keep up my blogging. All I have to do now is pack.

Hmmm.... Where to start?

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