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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Cine Beaverhausen: Spy and the Mystique of Melinda McCarthy

I've adored Melissa McCarthy since Bridesmaids. She seems to be a new gay icon. In her latest film, Spy, she's exactly the sort of spy I imagine I'd be. Short, a bit thickset, but tenacious.

Spy was directed by Paul Feig who directed MM in two of her best films: Bridesmaids and The Heat with Sandra Bullock. So, I was intrigued, especially since her leading men were Jude Law and Jason Stratham.

Let me just say that I basically love this comedy-acttion film. The set-up is that McCarthy is a CIA office worker who advises suave, James Bond-like Law via phone. And she has a crush on him.

The film even has a Bond-like title sequence with diva vocals by Ivy Levan. Allison Jenney and Rose Byrne are wonderful in this. And Stratham has some seriously funny lines.

Knowingly funny; definitely camp, McCarthy's scenes in Rome are fabulous. Favorite line: "Rayna, thank God your hair broke your fall!"

There's something very girl-nextdoor and lovable about Ms McCarthy's persona that's essential to enjoying this movie.

It's a great combination of comedy and action, though it goes on a bit too long. Nonetheless, cheeky and spirited viewing. Recommended.

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