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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Travels with Beaverhausen: Chillin' in the City by the Bay

Daytime temperatures in San Francisco have ranged from the low 60s to the mid 70s during my stay. Overnight lows into the 50s make for good sleeping weather. Having left the swelter of New York City, I treasured the much milder weather.

I tried to sleep on Thursday's long flight but couldn't, envying those around me that could. Sleeping the first night in Frisco was sporadic. My cell phone reset itself for Pacific time but my body was stuck in EST! At about 10 am on Friday, I finally submitted to sleep, not waking up until 3 pm, putting me in sync, at last, with the time difference.

I suggested to my hosts, Steve and Ilene, that we postpone sightseeing on Friday night and just chill at their home. It was a cloudy day with some drizzle. For residents of the drought-beleaguered city, the rain came as good news. I hung out on my hosts' patio, walking around the housing complex, viewing the exotic West Coast flora and taking in the cool, fresh air. It was a nice mellow diversion, getting into the San Francisconess of the city.

After dinner, we watched the boob tube and chatted on the sectional sofa before calling it a night. But basic bonding is a beautiful thing. Unlike yesterday, following my arrival, there was no wine, no partying, no schmoozing with houseguests; just chillin'.

Today, Saturday, I am reset, refreshed and ready to see the city during the day, culminating in Sally Kellerman's performance at Feinstein's at The Nikko tonight.

But that, everyone, will have to be another story.

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