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Friday, September 25, 2015

Random Thoughts: The Pope in America, part 2 ~ NYC

The Pope came to New York City and did the whole tourist thing. You know, Ground Zero, the UN, St. Patrick's Cathedral. Of course, he did it like a celebrity, which indeed he is, and he had to werq it! No kicking back at a Broadway show or BB King's. No, the current King of Catholics had speeches to give ~ all with messages of peace, love, the true meaning of being Christian, and cautioning us on the environment.

Instead of selfies, there were press photos. Instead of subways, there were motorcades. Instead of staying at a hotel, he and his staff were put up in a five-story townhouse on the Upper East Side as befits a diplomat and dignitary. And he had scads and scads of security and rode in a bullet-proof car. He didn't bring along a bottle of pepper spray like the one you brought to the City in your handbag.

Pope Francis is known for eschewing a lot of Vatican haut couture in favor of his trademark simple, white outfit. And, even though it's after Labor Day, white is what he wore in NYC, but he added some fabulous accessories like the green cape he wore to St. Patrick's Cathedral. At one point, I think he wore something purple! I wonder how many white frocks His Holiness has. Do they get dry cleaned or are they tossed in a washer and dryer? And who handles his holy underwear? Boxers or briefs? Doesn't this Pope ever slip into the Vatican's Prada slippers? I would in the privacy of my own bed chamber! But I digress.

I got an uplift seeing how area residents who awaited the Pope on Fifth Ave, and stood in front of Trump Tower, booed and jeered The Donald. One of the Pope's messages in NYC was about the spreading of wealth and his empathy for the poor. Got that, DT?

In the Bronx, Pope Francis cookies were made, tastier than communion wafers! The city, borough to borough, had Popemania! Time Out NYC gushed they had "Popestatic pictures."

On my part, I have to tell you all how much respect and love I have for this new leader of the Catholic Church who practices what he preaches. An excellent example for all humanity worldwide. Maybe, before he leaves NYC, he'll march in a parade down Third Avenue in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, past my house, where I can see him. After all, seems like everyone else has done it. Why not him?

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