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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Video Beaverhausen: More Murder with Emmy & Golden Globe Award Winner Viola Davis

Wow-dee-wow wow! HtGAwM was full of shocks and surprises, especially a lesbian love scene and the finale! I can;t say more without spoiling things if you haven't seen this yet. especially regarding the whodunnit of last season's killing off one of its regular characters.

The storyline of this show never fails to amaze us. I can't even count the number of woohoos my friend Kevin and I hooted out in unison during tonight's unravelings.

Shonda Rimes is indeed a maestro of scripting. Viola Davis, hot off her award wins for her starring role in this series, never ceases to excel at her craft. The finale left us gasping!

It was so good to see the ensemble cast again, most especially the hot hot hot Wes Gibbons. We could not imagine more twists and turns in the story tonight. Dutch actress Famke Janssen joined the cast in this episode. The episode was sexy and strong as it returned to its dual-storyline format: the ongoing murder/suspense/soap opera scenario and the courtroom drama to get resolved within a single episode.

Already looking forward to nest week. This is tv-series drama at its best!

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