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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Video Beaverhausen: TV's Scream Queens

Like American Horror Story, Scream Queens comes to Fox TV courtesy of some of the same talent, most notably Brad Falchuk, Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan. They are also the guys behind Glee. It debuted last week and airs its second episode tonight, September 29th, just as Halloween is in the air.

The premise of sorority girls terrorized by a man in a mask may make you think of the Scream series of films. But, whereas that franchise was more of a straight-faced if tongue-in-cheek recreation of the genre, Scream Queens is totally, leeringly satirical. 1970s-80s scream queen Jamie Lee Cutis plays the college dean. 'Nuff said?

Yes, it's campy! Completely over-the-top, shot in New Orleans, with a serial slasher on the loose wearing a devil's costume, it's a complete send-up. There are plenty of mean girls one hopes will get their just desserts, and characters named Chanel through Chanel #5.

Ariana Grande appeared in the debut episode in what was essentially the Drew Barrymore role in the late Wes Craven's Scream. She demonstrates the dangers of texting -- most especially by messaging with someone who's right in front of you in the very same room. Nick Jonas is in the cast as a gay student, looking rather buff while shirtless.

Buddy B recommends this series to all. It's parody skills are... ahem... very sharp indeed. Like American Horror Story, it displays an encyclopedic knowledge of film genres, though with far less subtlety. You'll never listen to the song "Waterfalls" the same way again after watching this.

Gotta go now. Episode 2 is about to begin! And it's raining out there -- the perfect weather to watch.

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