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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Halloween Countdown: Mondo Elvis!

Here's a Halloween bonus for your Sunday night.

What's truly scary about this documentary short (1/2 hour long) is how dumb and crazy people in this country can be. The film focuses on the weird and wacky folk who are Elvis devotees. They're obviously clinically insane, and obsessed. Sadly, these guys sometimes even go to the polls and vote!

So many favorite moments of the interviews with delusional morons who are Elvis fanatics, impersonators and other freaks of nature giving their lives up to "the King of Rock & Roll." You just have to see it to believe it.

This film's full of testimonies as hilarious and absurd as they are heartbreaking. Watch and be afraid... be VERY afraid. Mondo Elvis was made in 1984 by Tom Corboy. The people seen in this film are probably, if still alive, packing serious heat in these open-carry days.

Elvis died seven years before this film was made. This is the true American horror story! Definitely the dark side of the United States.

I have this on VHS.

Below is the entire 30-minute video in all its jumpsuit glory.

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