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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Video Beaverhausen: Anita Eckberg IS the Killer Nun

Believe me, growing up Roman Catholic, I know from killer nuns! When I was around seven, I passed a tin soldier to a friend that he'd left in my backyard. Mother Superior saw this and dragged me to the back of Our Lady of Lourdes church in Paterson, NJ. "Playing with toys in the House of God?" she asked. I tried to explain. "And lying too," she then added. "Put out your hands," she insisted with sadistic glee. I did, knowing what was coming. WHACK! My hands were sore well into that night.

In the Italo-horror nunsploitation film Killer Nun, Anita Eckberg is even more lethal and has quite a shelf to show off in her habit. You see, Sister Anita decides to take taking care of sinners into her own psychotic hands.

Joe D'Allesandro costars and Alida Valli (The Third Man) is in this!

This film is Eurotrash of the highest order, as Eckberg chews up the scenery with great gusto, a long way from her La Dolce Vita heyday.

Anita begins by murdering those whiny seniors in her ward but, naturally, things escalate as the religious nutcase takes things in hand, much like the Republicans in the USA today!

Recommended to camp lovers but few others.

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