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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Goodbye to the Ziegfeld Theatre in NYC

Reportedly, Manhattan's Ziegfeld Theatre is about to close. This is very sad as it's been a wonderful venue to see musicals and action films on a very large screen.

I guess it is a very large house to fill on a consistent basis. It has been open since 1969 at this location.

I find the closing of this historic venue very disheartening. I hope it could be turned into a legitimate theater for plays, though more likely it will be torn down for more Manhattan real estate.

Actually, this is not the original Ziegfeld. That was built by Florenz Ziegfeld himself but not on this same site.

Still, I have such great memories of this movie palace. I saw Dreamgirls, Into the Woods and Hairspray there. I saw The River Wild (perhaps Meryl Streep's worst movie) and threw a hissy fit in the lobby when the concession counter hadn't made coffee yet. Hey, I get grouchy without my caffeine fix.

It also had a well-attended classic musicals night with films like West Side Story and Gigi on big-screen! And Hedda Lettuce's Mommie Dearest tributes, always to full houses.

A fond but sad farewell to the Ziegfeld!


  1. I'll never forget The River Wild experience. Nor Mommie Dearest. Such great memories and such a loss.