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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Cine Beaverhausen: Truth... and Consequences with Robert Redford, Cate Blanchett

Truth is the film CBS-tv doesn't want you to see. To that end, the network refused any advertising of this film and did their best to suppress its release. So the scandal only goes on.

Truth is a film with an outstanding cast and great talent. It is highly professional on all technical accounts. It is a film that may remind some of All the President's Men, which was about Watergate. This film is about Dan Rather (Redford) and his 2004 6o Minutes expose on George W. Bush's military career. It cost him and his producer Mary Mapes (Blanchett) their jobs.

Topher Grace, Dennis Quaid and Stacy Keach are in this. Great casting!

Released by Sony Pictures and, interestingly, shot in Australia, the producers had no idea about the forces they'd be up against to release this film about what ultimately became known as "Rathergate." It is a completely accurate account of events, based on Mary Mapes' book, Truth & Duty.

Barely even released in the USA, this is obviously the film America doesn't want you to see either. Do yourself a favor and rent or download it on video. A must-see for lovers of serious, thoughtful film drama. Directed by James Vanderbilt.


  1. Well, it MUST BE a terrific if CBS et al went to that much trouble to suppress it.....EXCELLENT Review, B.B.!