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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Video Beaverhausen and The Gay Deceivers

I saw The Gay Deceivers in 1969, the year I graduated high school and just prior to the Stonewall riots. Of course, the film was quickly reviled by the LGBT community for its depiction of gay men. I don't recall there being any age restrictions on this movie at the time that I saw it at Paterson, NJ's US theater when I was 17.

It was directed by Bruce Kessler who went on to do the campy action feature Get Christie Love.

The film is certainly no more offensive to me than 2007's I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry starring Adam Sandler and that King of Queens guy, and maybe even less so.

The color cinematography by Dick Gouner (ahem!) is absolutely fabulous. In fact, the entire production is steadfast and fun. The film, now on dvd, is just over 90 minutes and moves at a brisk, comedic pace.

After I graduated h.s. in 1969, I traveled to California. I got lost in L.A. and hitchhiked on the freeway. I got a lift from a group of gay men on their way to a party who asked if I were gay. At the time, I didn't understand my own sexuality and turned down the invite. I have to say the men in the car were not much less florid, during the time, than the Deceivers characters. And they were young and sexy.

The plot involves two guys pretending to be gay to avoid military recruitment at the time. You may be surprised by the outcome. It's very funny, tucking away political correctness, and deserves a new discovery on video.


  1. The main gay character dance
    with the carton of milk is absolutely hilarious