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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Video Beaverhausen: The Bad Seed

The Bad Seed started as a novel by William March. The horror story about a child who is a psycho serial killer was then adapted as a successful play by Maxwell Anderson.

In 1956, it became a hit film (after being a Broadway smash) by Mervyn Leroy. It's on dvd from Warner Brothers and is the first video I watched in the new year.

Patty McCormack is the child, Rhoda Renmark. She is a Nazi-like blonde with her pigtails, prefiguring the Children of the Damned. Her mom is portrayed by Nancy Kelly, who is very theatrical. Patty said she was drunk most of the time through the shooting.

The film has become a camp classic. The censors at the time insisted on a new ending as well as a ridiculous afterward. Still, the film was a tremendous hit and garnered several Oscar nominations. Ellen Heckart and Henry Jones practically steal this movie.

This is absolutely a must-see film. I first saw this on tv. My mom did not approve. Maybe she was afraid it would give me ideas. Highly recommended!

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