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Monday, January 18, 2016

Video Beaverhausen: Terror in a Texas Town

Wak softly and carry a big harpoon!

1958's film, Terror in a Texas Town, is a film noir western starring Sterling Hayden. He's a big Swede who swaggers here with his harpoon -- that he ultimately brings to the climactic gunfight.

Of course, the phallic symbolism is undeniable. I think the whole movie was made with a campy, knowing smirk, though acted completely straight-faced throughout.

Sebastian Cabot is in this. The whole thing is a hoot, though dramatically intense at a compressed 81 minutes. Well worth the time.

Of course there is a female love interest despite plenty of homoerotic symbolism. A Freudian field day!

I think you'll find this movie very intense, highly dramatic and worthy of your attention. Now available on dvd through Amazon.

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