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Thursday, February 4, 2016

On the Town with Buddy Beaverhausen: MargOh Channing at Pangea

Joined Nick Lion for a night loaded with laughs and great fun all around at Pangea in the East Village.

MargOh Channing was starring and she performed in character, in a slyly sloshy style

What a great room Pangea is, full of kind, prompt service and it's handicap-friendly. It was my friend, Kevin Scott Hall, who, amongst others, convinced the owner, Stephen Shanaghan, to open the dining room as a cabaret. Wonderful idea!

"UnCorked" was the title of MargOh's show and she shared the stage with the sexy Man-ee Champagne on background vocals and, sometimes. as lead or solo  singer. Songs ranged from classics like "I Got You Babe" to "I've Written a Letter to Daddy."

None other than the great Nellie McKay (pronounce Kye, gov'na!} was MargOh's special guest for her final show for now at Pangea, at least for a while. She had a great, satirical political number, "You Govern," and joined MargOh in a duet by singing "Over the Rainbow."

I was the evening's paparazzi. Snap, snap, snap for this ingenious and snappy production at this idyllic, intimate room. Tracy Stark was accompanist, astounding as always on piano and there was a terrific drummer onstage as well.

After the show, after Nick and I had a drink and free shot at the bar, we went home. On the street outside, Nick first ran into Flotilla DeBarge, out of drag, soon to appear at Pangea cabaret in his own show on Valentine's Day night. Expect new Q&As with both MarGoh and Flotilla very soon!

Special thanks to Nick's better half for driving me home to Bay Ridge!

Our sexy waiter, Venny!

The sexy manager, Stephen Shanaghan

Tracy Stark, Nick Lion, Margoh

Flotilla & Nick


  1. WHAT A SHOW! I was there opening night with Tym Moss, his friend Ike Avelli, AND (seated right next to me, and none other than) Randy Jones! Randy did a really cute duet duet with Margo, and performed a beautiful/very touching solo. All-in-all, a terrific performance was turned-in by everyone!

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed doing "Jose Cuervo" with MargOH! and Randy! The three of us had such fun in the show AND the rehearsal process! And then the following week for MargOH! and I to sing "Over the Rainbow" with our dear pal, Nellie McKay was just a thrill.
    Thank you for covering MargOH!, love!