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Monday, February 22, 2016

Video Beaverhausen: Love Has Many Faces with Lana Turner

This film should have been titled Lana Has Many Costume Changes.  At this point, Lana Turner had become more of a fashion plate than an actress. Watch her vogue and give good face -- maybe many of them!

You may be surprised at how daring Love Has Many Faces was for its time (1965). And, interestingly enough, this sleaze with ease, trash with flash was written by a woman, Margaurite Roberts.

Lana is a rich bitch married to aging ex-gigolo Cliff Robertson. Hugh O'Brien looks quite hot in this, especially when shirtless. (Oh, Maverick!) Stefanie Powers is aboard as are Ruth Roman and Virginia Grey. And it all takes place in glamorous Acapulco. The color cinematography is sumptuous.

Beach boys galore provide plenty of eye candy. But nothing can compare to Lana's fabulous frocks! The story is some trifle about a murder, so there's a bit of a mystery here though, really, who cares!

By the way, I've heard some people refer to this film as Love Has Many Facelifts.

Available on dvd from Columbia Pictures.

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