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Monday, March 7, 2016

Broadway Beaverhausen: Misery with Bruce Willis & Laurie Metcalf

OMG, this Broadway play was such a snorer, I forgot to ever put it up until until now! I saw it during a matinee.

Stephen King's Misery came to Broadway ~ but not as a musical ~ yet!

Bruce Willis, in his Broadway debut, was underwhelming in the lead role. Laurie Metcalf's performance as Annie Wilkes gave  a dynamic Method performance but not enough to keep me awake. And she lacked the physicality the role requires.

This is the worst thing I've seen on The Great White Way since If/Then. Exposition galaor put me in an absolute stupor from which I just woke up.

If you stayed away from this loser ~ or if you just knew it would be a stinker ~ good for you. You were the smart ones. Misery was just that: misery!

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