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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Video Beaverhausen: It Follows

Are you afraid of the dark?  it Follows preys on that fear. Yes, there's a monster out there and your car has broken down. This 2014 thriller relies on suspense and thrills rather than gore, which is the latest trend., thankfully.

It Follows preys on your fear of the dark to great effect. Low-budget but technically superb, you'll want to follow It Follows as it's not a predictable horror film by any means.

Strong performances and technical aspects carry this film along nicely. I doubt your attention will slacken throughout if you like this sort of chiller. Good for a chilly late night at home. Hold on to your comforter!

This movie was presented at Cannes & was nominated for -- even awarded -- several awards.

So, heads up horror fans. I distinctly recommend this for you! It's a classic ~ and a keeper on video.

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