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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Buddy Beaverhausen Book Nook: The Life and Times of Squeaky Fromme

Nothing like wearing an inconspicuous outfit when trying to shoot a POTUS. Lynette looks like she's ready to attend Feast of Fools Day. This is a book about how a good girl can turn so sour so fast. She was part of The Manson Family and was present at the Sharon Tate murder scene.

The daughter of s middle-class family, she had a workaholic father whom the author, Jess Bravin, describes as emotionally abusive. In search of a father figure, she found the charismatic but demonic Charles Manson.

On parole in 1976, our li'l Squeaky wasted no time in getting herself a gun and trying to assassinate President Gerald Ford. (And you say we don't need gun control in America?)

Bravin's bio is a fascinating read that would make a great movie. I say Emma Watson or, better yet, Rachel Wood could assay the role quite nicely.

A powerful book and a fascinating read. Try it.

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