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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Buddy Beaverhausen's Random Thoughts: On Having to Move Again

Uncanny resemblance to Abbey Road? It's Bay Ridge, very orderly, and it has been my home for over five years. Now, I'm being asked to leave as our landlord is renovating and selling the building.

Never trust a NYC landlord. They always seem like nice guys until they ruthlessly stab you in the back.

So now I'm in a quandary about where to move to. Should I just throw in the towel and move near family in Florida? But that would mean giving up my beloved NYC club coverage.

I might be able to find another place in the neighborhood. I also have friends in Astoria, Queens who say they can find me an affordable 1-bedroom there. But the luxury of a floor-through for me, I'm afraid, has seen its day.

I have a social worker from NYU Lutheran Hospital now who, I'm sure, will also be able to advise me. Am I ready for assisted living? Who knows? They may even find me a place in Manhattan again. Because of my leg problems, I need an elevator building. No more stairs!

So, I have a lot of options. All I know is I'm moving. Wish me luck!


  1. Just keep in mind, this was not a "luxury" floor-through. Shitty building and the landlord never did a thing to fix ongoing electrical, plumbing and heat/hot water problems. Well, quick fixes, but not infrastructure fixes. I feel sorry for the next tenants who will get a paint job and pay $2000/month, only to go through the winter problems that we've been having.

  2. don't move .......don't pay rent......wait for payola.....tenant rights you gotta work a new yorka in poor health and all......

    1. I was gonna say the same thing as the commenter above who says to STAY! The law is on YOUR side, and you have at LEAST 6 months to a year before you're obligated to leave. Contact Brooklyn Legal Aid - Elder Division, and they will tell you the same thing, and can possibly HELP represent you! It's FREE!