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Friday, March 11, 2016

On the Town with Buddy Beaverhausen: Dorothy Bishop and The Dozen Divas

What a magnificent show this was! You can still catch it next month at Metropolitan Room.

Unfortunately, since getting out of the hospital, I was still shaky and fell afterwards on the sidewalk, but didn't hurt myself this time. The bad news is the fall; the good news is I got to hang on to the arm of the French sound engineer-- albeit hetero-- who is very tall and handsome, I can't say I minded hanging onto his arm for a long while (until a taxi finally came by). Thanks, Jean Pierre Perraux!

Ms Bishop does the most amazing, spot-on impersonations ranging from Cher to Sarah Brightman to Madonna to Sarah Palin to Shirley Bassey to Joan Rivers! Barbra and Judy Garland (a duet with herself as both characters (Judy on video))!

Happy days are here again indeed!

Dorothy drew a mixed crowd of gay and straight people in the house. It was delightful for all! Astonishing! An amazing voice and talent. And her on-stage quick-chane artistry is incredible.

Dorothy gifted me with a beach bag, mug, pen, mug and t-shirt. Again, the Met Room's staff were polite, courteous and very efficient, deserving their own applause.

Come see her next month. I expect to be there. I'm addicted to The Dozen Divas now!

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