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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Season 2 of How to Get Away with Murder

The second season of How to Get Away with Murder was very powerful, dramatic and almost Shakespearian in terms of its plot complications at times.

Viola Davis again turned in an Emmy-worthy performance this season  Turns out Annalise is Wes's birth mother, which he only learned after he shot her in the stomach! The British Alfred Enoch is not only a brilliant young actor, doing the American accent masterfully, he's nice eye candy, too, and often has shirtless moments. The Harry Potter kid is all grown up.

Cicely Tyson was back for the season finale as Viola's mom. Wonderful seeing them together again at the end of the season! Great chemistry and acting tours de force! Tonight found Annalise in Tennessee with her mom and family, which opened old emotional wounds.

As my friend Kevin predicted, a series regular was dispatched from the show ~ in an ugly way, too.

And Framke Janssen is always a pleasure, featured prominently throughout this year, though not in the finale .

The show came to a gratifying close tonight. Shonda Rhimes is a brilliant producer and the writers are top-notch, driving the ever-complicated storyline. Great show, great finale!

Looks like my Thursday nights are free again until the fall. A mixed blessing.

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