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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Buddy Beaverhausen's Random Thoughts: The Rebirth of Live Entertainment in NYC!

Live entertainment is one of NYC's greatest assets, whether we're talking about the legitimate theater, cabaret or live concerts -- in large venues and intimate ones. It's what draws people to the city, makes them brave Times Square and the extreme weather in winter and in summertime.

Doubtlessly, the lines blur more and more between "legit" stage productions and New York cabaret  where unprecedented numbers of established stars rub elbows with the rising stars of tomorrow.

It's an excitement you can't find anyplace else. Yes, we have great restaurants here as well and fine movie palaces but nothing can beat a live concert, live theater, our cabaret rooms. They scintillate with an energy, a vibe that nothing else compares to.

In an interview I did with Bernard Fushpan, manager of one of Manhattan's best cabaret venues, Metropolitan Room, cabaret has become "less stodgey" today and "has embraced a wider spectrum or variety of sounds." And it's more egalitarian I would venture to say, more welcoming to all to come, enjoy and just have a good time, leaving your worries behind.

The same is true of the Broadway stage. Viva the rock musical! All live theater in NYC is expensive to mount I hear from producers, people who work in what they love, which ~ of course ~ is priceless.

Serious dramas have again made headway on Broadway but it's still the big, splashy musicals that pull in the most people.

So, what good is sitting alone in your room watching the boob tube? Life is a holiday ~ only in NYC, kids, only in New York as Cindy Adams used to write!

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