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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Video Beaverhausen: The Boyfriend starring Twiggy, Glenda Jackson & Tommy Tune

Ken Russell, director of such films as Women in Love, The Music Lovers and The Devils showed his lighter touch in the 1971 British film musical, The Boy Friend.

This is a Technicolor extravaganza with a campy, over-the-top Busby Berkley panache. I never knew before seeing this film that Twiggy could sing and dance, I previously believed she could only strike a pose and give good face.

The dance numbers trip the light fantastic, especially when none other than Tommy Tune shows up to dance with our ingenue, Miss Twiggy!

Russell's muse, Glenda Jackson appears, uncredited, in a small but memorable role in this film. When I originally saw this with a friend in Boulder, Colorado (where I went to college), we found this a giddy delight.

See The Boy Friend! Twiggy and actor Christopher Gable make a charming pair. With this under his belt, Russell went on to direct Tommy. Suggested viewing.

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