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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Buddy Beaverhausen's Random Thoughts: Strange Bedfellows 2: Dick Cheney Supports Hillary

That 2012 heart transplant seems to have softened the often embittered Dick Cheney up  Its donor must have been a Democrat because the ex-V.P (under George W. Bush).

Cheney praised Hillary Clinton but sagely added that his all-out endorsement for her might be a "kiss of death" for the Democratic nominee.

Indeed, as Clinton has been under attack in a smear campaign by rival Bernie Sanders branding her as the new Cheney. I think Sanders is a new big liar, hitting below the belt and smearing her unfairly. He'd say anything to win his party's nomination.

Cheney did not mention Trump, Cruz or any other Repub candidate still standing. But that, in itself, plus his endorsement, speaks a thousand words. It's like the rats are jumping ship before it goes down!

Cheney is, of course, considered a war criminal in most of the world and should be tried. He sent our young soldiers off to die on our invasion of Iraq. Turns out they never existed and he set off a firestorm of hatred and retaliation that goes on until today. Meanwhile, his company Halliburton, then   headquartered there made billions off of war and countless deaths.

Hill may feel that, with friends like Cheney, who need needs enemies and wisely stay away from his endorsement. Cheney, on his part, spoke kindly about Hillary's diplomacy skills and ability to reach across the aisle to get things done.

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