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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Buddy Beaverhausen's Random Thoughts: Dana Lorge, RIP

Sad news arrived on the Internet this morning where I learned of Dana Lorge's passing.

Dana was a first-rate entertainer and a real trouper on the circuit.

She found a niche for her variety show at Bernie and Joanne Furshpan's Metropolitan Room in downtown Manhattan. The popular presentation garnered quite a grand reputation in the cabaret community.

Dana was a very funny lady and possessed a lovely voice. She made an excellent, most entertaining Mistress of Ceremonies on stage. You never knew who her special guests might be. One night, Randy Jones (Village People's original cowboy) turned up. She was full of surprises.

It was a shock to me this morning to read about the news of her death of her death in

I have fond memories of talking with her after shows at Metropolitan Room. She was sweet, funny and so completely down-to-earth and charming. This is a sad loss for the cabaret community.

"Nowhere will you find someone as special as our Dana. Joanne and I are absolutely devastated with this unimaginable loss. She will live forever in our hearts. May God Bless your soul," wrote Bernie Furshpan today.

Dana learned she had lung cancer not very long ago. Her funeral will be tomorrow, Monday, April 25th in Rego Park, Queens. Farewell to a lively, lovely lady.


  1. Hi Buddy, and here's what I wrote about Dana on the "All That OTHER Chat: Broadway, Cabaret, New York Nightlife, and all else" Page. I hope all of your readers like it, as follows:

    "MY MEMORY OF DANA LORGE. I'd first met Dana Lorge a few years ago, around the time when I was helping Richard Skipper with his "Carol Channing" Show; handing-out Programs, greeting/seating people, helping-out backstage, things like that. After the Show, they did the usual huggy-kissy-oh-I'm so-happy-to-see-you blah blah blah routine that we've ALL done at one time or another with each other; sometimes even meaning it (lol)! Anyway I did tell her, that first time I'd met her (and I’d meant it, too), that she had really beautiful eyes, and looked like "a real classy Broad". She just looked at me with wonderment and said "Why thank you very much!" And then she immediately looked me up & down and asked (in classic "Dana dead-pan") "You're not Gay….are you?" To which I glibly replied "No, but I’ve had a number of offers!” I guess she liked that I was a bit of a wiseass, and it does take one to know one. We continued our conversation, with my telling her that I was Richard's friend, and that I was here helping him out. She also admired the fact that I was a Straight Man who was, for a change, Gay-friendly. Sometime after this, Richard asked me to accompany him/be his *”Guest” (*Dutch treat, of course…..that always cracked me up about him!) at a special Show he & Dana were hosting, at a small Restaurant a few doors down from “Don’t Tell Mama”. She and Richard each did their Hosting and Entertaining things, took turns singing, cracking themselves and everyone else-up, even insulting the crap out of each other! In general they were having a great time with the audience and with each other; and it showed. In a very nice way. So after the Show, I go over to Dana and tell her how great, funny, etc. I thought she was. She shot me a look that scared the crap out of me, and barked “I HATE working with him (Richard)……GOD how I hate it!” Still being a bit “Cabaret naïve’”, I cautiously asked her “But the two of you work so well together….how can that be?” “It’s easy”, she hissed. He hates me even MORE than I hate him, and that’s why we work so ‘effing well together!” However, as the years went by and I got to know her better, I knew that this sweet and talented Lady didn’t have it in her heart to hate anyone. Period. The last time I saw her, less than a year ago at The Metropolitan, I asked her-being the wiseass that I am-what I’d always asked her every time we subsequently ran into each other……and that was “Hey Dana! Could we “pretend to hate each other”, so that I could get to work with you and be your ‘new’ Richard Skipper?” Never at a loss for words, she shot back “Not a chance! You’re too straight, too cute, and too likeable!” That was followed by the very sincere and heartfelt hug and kiss we always gave each other, any time we ran into each other. I’ll miss that classy Broad very much."

  2. Replies
    1. You're very welcome Charles, and my pleasure to do so.

    2. "MY MEMORY OF DANA LORGE"-Epilogue. Well Buddy, it looks like the shit hit the Fan with THAT memory/tribute I posted! I received a few pieces of hate mail from a couple of Richard's Syncopates and/or Dana’s “best friends” chastising or blaming me for everything from disrespecting Dana to being "the Man on the grassy knoll" at President Kennedy's assassination. Amazing! With that said, let me make a few things clear here, and that'll be the end of it. I never intended or plotted to disrespect Dana at any time. No, I was not her "best friend"; as everyone else claimed to be. I was merely a friend of hers, and she was a friend of mine. No drama. No scandals. No gossip. No bullshit. We liked, admired and respected each other as friends, and as Artists. Period. Funny though, how someone's death has a way of suddenly making him/her everyone's "best friend", isn't it? Whatever. Anyway, I was begged and practically *threatened (*in regard to taking down my “horrible, “vicious”, “hate-filled” etc. Post) that I would never get any work in "the Cabaret Community" again, but hey. I'm not getting any work in it NOW, so ask me if I give a Rats ass? I don't. Hell, I'm not even a member of MAC! Of course the other "threat" (standard these days, from people who don't like or agree with what you say, who you vote for, or the color of underwear) was that I would be “UNFRIENDED” by them…..OMG! How will I EVER get to sleep tonight!?!? Now as far as my "insulting" Richard Skipper is concerned, give me a freaking break. If the people who took offence to what I wrote would take the time to reread what I wrote (with their minds....preferably opened), they'd see that this is exactly the kind of heartfelt satire that Dana would've loved. You would also have seen that I did not intend to hurt Richard Skipper; and besides that I spelled his name right, didn’t I? He-as well as all of you-knows that none of us could even BUY this kind of publicity! Truth be known, Richard and I have had this love/hate relationship going on for years. There's even times when we actually like each other! Finally, to those of you who say that I didn't respect or even know Dana, THAT is absolute bullshit. I'm far too old, wise and mature to play your "I-knew-him/her-better-than-you-did”/”she-was-my-best-friend-and-not-yours” little Kid games...go find somebody else to play your stupid head-games with.

  3. Dana Lorge leaves behind a sea of broken hearts! Thanks go to Richard Skipper for introducing Dana Lorge to the Cabaret world!! She was classy, Glamorous, funny and gave gifts to her friends "just because".
    She knew talent and encouraged and nurtured many new finds we , today are pleased to also know and love because of Dana and Richard. I will sum up my opinion of Dana Lorge, Brave!! God watch over this beautiful angel!! May heaven twinkle with endless laughter and song!

  4. I also thank Richard Skipper! He has been there for Dana Lorge throughout her illness and is the definition of friendship.